My name is Brooke Johnston.

You actually clicked “Read more”? That’s commitment. Well, if you want to get to know me so badly, I could give you the basics. But odds are, even if you knew about me, you wouldn't really know who I am. And that's just the thing—neither do I. 

I started writing because I wanted to figure myself out. I wrote my first chapter book at age eight, essentially ripping off Narnia. I dipped my toes into space travel, talking animals, invisible people, and everything in between. I dipped my toes into the thrill of tossing aside math homework to dream up my next chapter, into unbelievably innocent romances, and into the freedom of molding characters however I saw fit.  

I was just starting to figure myself out.

That's when I grew up.

Everything I thought I knew about myself slipped through my fingers. The more I learned about the world and walked endless mazes within myself, the more illusive my identity became. And so to find myself once more, I'm lifting my toes out of the water and plunging in headfirst. I am simultaneously recognizing that in an age full of self-obsession, there is freedom in focusing on others and helping the world. I am finding myself in losing myself, and I am writing it all down to make sense of the journey. 

That's enough drama. Here are a couple insights into my life:

My goal in life is to shed God's love on every situation and everyone I meet. I am currently co-captain of the West Ranch varsity tennis team with Shaira. Aside from that, I am on a mission to study  neuroscience and psychology so I can learn more about people and love others more deeply. My side quest is to try every flavor of cheesecake the world has to offer.