From two teens who are navigating their way through life, we know how easy it is to lose your voice in the shuffle of it all. We wanted to open the door and invite you into a space where we are pouring out our innermost thoughts, so that you might feel safe to do the same.


A house is the place you live, and a home is the place your heart lives. A home is a place where you are seen, heard, and appreciated. If you’re not sure you have one, come on in. You can find it here.

Hearing struggles, thoughts, and advice from people older than you is good, but it’s often hard to relate to. We’re just the same as you. We have dreams, hopes, fears, regrets, and bittersweet battles, and thoughts that sometimes never see the light of day. With Hiraeth, that is going to change for us, and we hope for you, too!

We will be posting journal entries where we discuss everything from sports to philosophy to heartbreak and everything in between. We will also post creative writing pieces, debate relevant topics, explore mental health, and answer any questions readers submit. If you need a friend, don’t be afraid to talk to us! Sometimes the difference between a terrible day and a bright one is someone there to listen.

So ring the doorbell, lay your burdens at the door, and enjoy your stay at Hiraeth!

with love,

shaira and brooke